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5 hidden “treasure” places in Bangkok city

New creative spaces and modern “hipster” markets are being made up nowadays in Bangkok. The one thing that got really trendy are the famous “train night markets” or “Talat Rodfai” (in thai) that are now spread into several places in Bangkok. However these places are now becoming more common and known by everyone which makes it not so unique anymore.

As I have been living here since I could remember, I wanted to find the new “hidden treasures” of Bangkok city. Places that might not be well known by the people, but that are very “unique”.

1. Artbox Thailand

credit: http://sethlui.com/artbox-thailand-bangkok-2017/

New creative spaces and modern “hipster” markets are being made up nowadays in Bangkok. The one thing that got really trendy are the famous “train night markets” or “Talat Rodfai” (in thai) that are now spread into several places in Bangkok. However these places are now becoming more common and known by everyone which makes it not so unique anymore.

As I have been living here since I could remember, I wanted to find the new “hidden treasures” of Bangkok city. Places that might not be well known by the people, but that are very “unique”.

Picture credits to : Artbox Thailand

The market used to be around the “Prompong” BTS station but they changed places every month or two in order to reach other people from other further places.

If you want to follow up where they would be or the events they have, make sure to check out there Facebook page “Artbox Thailand”.

Oh ! And if you don’t live in Thailand or travel a lot, they lately came up with their “tour” to close foreign countries! So check out their news on Facebook ;)

Picture credits to: http://danielfooddiary.com/2017/01/25/artboxsingapore/

2. Puritan

Now moving on to this “magical” small cafe/house located at Soi Aree 5. Why is it magical? You’ll know in a bit :)

puritan aree

This house or cafe is in Bangkok’s city center and it is not that hard to find, you can go by taxi (soi Aree 5) or get of the BTS at “Aree” station and go by motortaxi afterwards.

The entrance of this cafe might not seem as magical as what you would see inside but we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover should we?

When entering inside you have to take off your shoes at the front door of the house. Then when you enter you wouldn’t know what to look first because the place is fully decorated at every inch of the house. The atmosphere is very magical is it as if we got lost into a wizards house.

puritan aree
puritan aree

In the living room, there’s the cafe counter where you can order your food, choose your drink or dessert. Not only the place is unique, their desserts are very unique and delicious too (you should definitely try, even on a diet!). There’s another room in which you can go but the second is prohibited by the customers.

I recommend going more than one time. Once during the day, as the daylight shines into the living room and also during the night, as the place would look even more mesmerizing.

The opening hours are from 1:00pm to 10:00pm every Tuesday to Friday and from 11:00am to 10:00pm on the weekends (Don’t go on a Monday because they are closed ahaha).

Links : 

Facebook page : Puritan

Picture credits to : Puritan (fb page) 

3. Changchui

changchui bangkok
changchui bangkok

Another creative hub right here is called “Changchui”. This creative space has just been founded in 2017 and is still being developed but it is open for visiting. There, you can find art galleries, a theatre, a cinema, a co-working space, design studios, music stores, cafes, restaurants and many more. For those of you artsy people, this is your place to be :)

changchui bangkok
changchui bangkok

Changchui is a bit far from the heart of Bangkok. It is located at the other side of the city or so called the “Thonburi” side. For more information you can visit their website or their Facebook Page.

changchui bangkok
changchui bangkok

All picture credits to : ChangchuiBkk (facebook page) 

Links :

Website : en.changchuibangkok.com

Facebook page: ChangChuiBKK

4. Siam Gypsy Market

For all the vintage-lover-night-owls of Bangkok, you would love this next place. Here you would find shops and bars that are unique in their very own way.

The “Siam Gyspy Market” is a night market located near the “Bangson” metro station (MRT). It is a long alley in which you would find lots of (real) vintage products you would love. When you arrive there, it is as if you took a time machine 40 years back in time. Shops, products, vehicles are all vintage. Not only the market itself is unique but all shops differ from one another because they each have their own themes and uniqueness.

This market was once part of the “JJ Green” market (which you should check out too!) but they revamped into this more “wildwesty” style. Totally worth checking out 😊

Picture credits to : Siam Gypsy Night Market (fb page)

Links :

Website : thai.siamgypsymarket.com

Facebook page: Siam Gypsy Night Market

5. Neilson Hays Library

Last but not least, this next place was found after I have watched the Thai short film called “The Librarian”. This place is not an attraction or a market but a library.. yes it really is a library!

The Neilson Hays library was founded in 1869 and it holds one of the largest collection of English titles in Bangkok. The place is pretty small but there is a gallery corner, reading corner and a children’s corner inside. The building itself is very beautiful as well as the architecture inside.

Members of the library could borrow the books but for the ones that come for visiting, it would be polite to kindly drop some money to support this volunteer based community.

Unfortunately, the NHL is currently closed for a big restoration as the building is old. They are working on making it better looking without changing the architecture style. However we are looking forward to when it would be opened again !

News to be followed !

First two pictures credite to : Neilson Hays Library (facebook page) and third one is me at NHL :) 

Links :


Facebook page: Neilson Hays Library

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  • Cool places. Even though I’ve been staying here what feels forever I haven’t been to all of them. I didn’t even know Puritan before – and I live close to Aree! Definitely going to check that out soon!

  • Phongphaka Lar-ut

    Wow! These locations look very cool! I have never been to any of these places before. Nelson Hays library seems very interesting and historical. If it opens again, I will go there for sure. Thank you for recommending these nice places :)

  • Arinrada Boonarchathong

    I have been to Artbox Thailand, I think it is a cool place to visit because it has a lot of handmade stuff, which is cute! Also, the food that sell in that place was ‘amazing’ they are delicious :P not only the taste that good but the decoration is good also! They always put a cool gimmick on their products :D I think that smart because people love to take pictures of food and post it on their Instagram or Facebook and this will make their brands get viral, including the market that has a zone for people to go there and take pictures.

  • Phirachash Piyawutiposh

    Great, I always want to go NEILSON HAYS LIBRARY because I watch The Libralian in youtube and the place is really nice, however, I still not have a chance to go. I have go only artbox before. So, this really give me an idea which place I should go on my holiday.

  • Pokpong Vetchakanjana

    Great! I am the one who love to go to night market such as Art Box, because it’s cold than in the day time.Further more,there are many gadget or things to buy and the creative food with the delicious taste.So that, I really enjoy to go there.After read this article, I have many new place to go.Thank you so much.

  • Cindy Apichaya Pattanasirimong

    Wow!! That amazing, I have only been to Art Box, it has a lot food and clothes at there. The price of food is a bit expensive but delicious. So it’s ok for me. :) I never heard about the places number 2,4 and 5 before. The places look good to spend time there. When I have time, I will go there with my friends to chill out. Thank you for the information. !!

  • Kimkreme Asawa

    This is so awesome as we are in the age of taking a picture and sharing on instagram or Facebook for our profile and these are the locating that I really like especially Puritan and I promise that I will visit there soon. Moreover, it also have place for us to shopping outdoor. Thank you so much for sharing such an interesting places and I hope to more interesting article.

  • Tanathorn Petawan

    So cool! I have never been to nor hearing about these places before. I am very interested in Art Box since I am a big fan of food and creations. The design of a drink in the picture you showed is really cute. My friends used to ask me if I was interested in going with them but I always said no according to university life and some vacations with my family. But I will make it happen in the next time with friends. Thank you so much!

  • Fooh Phutha

    I think all of your “hidden treasures” are so unique from other places and markets I have gone! Especially, PURITAN, a magical cafe or house. I think this place is so amazing and their desserts are so appetizing. Moreover, SIAM GYPSY MARKET is another place that is interested me because I feel like turning back to an old time. I don’t even see that market that design like this!

  • Aployyzz Pattanan

    I stay in Bangkok but I have not gone anywhere you mentioned above! lol However, I found that it’s very interested! I have heard about Art Box before but ,for the others places, I have not known it before. There are many interesting places. One of it that I’m interested in is ‘Puritan’ because I’m a dessert lover! The atmosphere inside make it’s very unique and I see this kind of decoration not often. It sounds like if I go there, I will go to an another world which is very mysterious! If I have a chance, I will visit there! Thanks for a good article.

  • Tanapa Pongpilasarn

    I’m a big fan of night market! and art box is one of them hahahahaha Some cafes that were mentioned in your article, I’ve ever heard before. If I had a chance, I would go there absolutely!

  • Catty Methayanunt

    Woahh! it is really hidden treasure in Bangkok because I have only been to Art Box hahaha. The other 4 places is really interesting, especially ‘Chang Chui’ due to the reason that it is near to my house. Moreover, I saw many people went there and give some good feedbacks. So If i have some free time, I would love to visit there follow by the another 3 new amazing places she suggested!

  • Mix Nuttapol

    Wowwwwww thanks for information because I like every places. If I has opportunity, I will go. The first place that I go is Puritan Aree since this place is closing my home and I like to persuade my mother to drink some coffee at Aree which I do not ever go this place.

  • Panpan Auraya

    How lovely place there are. From your lists have a lots of my favorite like Art Box market, Changchui and Neilson Hays Library. Those place are very perfect for short holiday or when I want to have relax time. I will find a chance to go to other places you suggested. Thank you for your nice blog. :)

  • Tanutcha Roongroj

    there are many places that i have never been to! actually ARTBOX and plenty of markets are continue to popped up nowadays even the weather in Bangkok is not that suitable for walking outdoor lol and the price were not nice but it can be considered as a market for sharing idea which express in a plate of food.

  • Jade Maciag

    (I just knew I can reply to comments as I wrote this post …. ^^’)
    Anyways, thank you and yes ! You should definitely go check out, prepare to be amazed ;)

  • Jade Maciag

    No problem for the suggestions! And go check those places for cool picturess ! :p

  • Jade Maciag

    Haha yes make it happen! Go out and discover new cool places :))

  • Jade Maciag

    You should definitely check them out! They really are cool (not only on the picture though) 🌝✌🏻

  • Jade Maciag

    Puritan is the most magical place amongst all places I think, you should check them all out sometimes ! 🌝

  • Jade Maciag

    Yes ! I suggest you find some time to go before it gets too famous😗😗

  • Jade Maciag

    You’re lucky you live near Changchui because I’m really far from it ahaha, go check it out soon ! :))

  • Jade Maciag

    No problem :) and yes, persuade your mother to go, I’m sure you will both be amazed 😗✨

  • Jade Maciag

    Thank you :)) You should check them out as they are all in the Bangkok surroundings (short and close vacation, how cool 😎)

  • Jade Maciag

    True that it’s often raining in Bangkok :// Anyways, new markets should think about how to handle with the weather though 😗

  • Jade Maciag

    No problem :)) after its renovation you should go check it out ! ✌🏻

  • Jade Maciag

    Nowadays, nearly everyone likes taking pictures for social networks and these places suits best for the modern people 😙😙

  • Jade Maciag

    Really nice short film right? I went there because of the film too and was a bit surprised at first because it’s smaller than i thought! You should go check it out ✌🏻✌🏻

  • Jade Maciag

    Unfortunately , it doesn’t really get cold for long in Thailand but it when it does, it’s like heaven! And no problem for the suggestions :))

  • Jade Maciag

    True, that the products and foods are quite expensive there, that business I guess :// Anyways, you should go check out the other places ! 🌝

  • Ling Kanyanat

    I’ve visited only Art box among these places. I’m personally interested in Puritan the most. It looks so beautiful and I bet it’s even more stunning in real life. Thanks for the recommendations! Can’t wait to go to these places!

  • Jenny Chen

    Thanks for sharing this amazing blog! I have seen all these places on the internet and instragram posts, but I have never been to most of them. The only market that I have been to was Artbox. It was fun to walk around and see a lot of food trucks and Thai designer brand clothes. I have always wanting to go to ChangChui. I heard that the place brought an old airplane and placed in this place to make it look old has its uniqueness. I really hope I would have time to visit. Another place that I suggest you should go is The Jam Factory. It is not in this list though, but it is a wonderful place to have a look. The view of Chao Praya River is gorgeous and the food is delicious. Not only that, there are many workshop DIY that you can join in . I recommend you do review them on your next blog!!

  • Elle Thitakorn

    Ohhhh such an amazing suggestion!!! I love the idea of those places. It look so unique and I definitely want to check them out especially Nelson hays library. Thank you for sharing. If I have a chance to go there, I will review on my vlog too!!! :)