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4 Reasons Why Western Travellers and Expats Love Thailand

Thailand is a hugely popular destination for tourism, and expat living, for people from many Western countries, including the USA, the UK and Australia. For many, Thailand is a dream vacation destination, whereas for others it is a place to start a new life. Here are just four of the reasons why Thailand has such a strong appeal to Westerners:

1. Good Value for Money

People who flock to Thailand love how inexpensive it seems to have a good time there. This is due to the exchange rates, which those who understand currency trading and follow prices for the Thai baht on things like the London Capital Group Ltd website, will appreciate can be very favourable for those coming from Western countries, and also due to the low cost of living in Thailand in general. This appeals to people who want an exotic vacation without having to spend a lot of money, because it is possible to experience relative luxury at good prices in Thailand, and also appeals to people looking for somewhere to relocate to as expats as the amount of money they need to earn to have a good lifestyle is lower.

2. The Scenery

For those who love nature and beaches, Thailand is one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit and can be a real inspiration. This is one of the big motivators for Westerners to choose Thailand as a destination or even as a new home, with the possibility to enjoy amazing scenery and world class water sports. For diving especially, the nature that Thailand has to offer is a really big draw.

3. The Food

Thai cuisine is another reason a lot of people are drawn to the country. Thai food has become more and more popular in the west in the past couple of decades, and many people have experienced some good Thai restaurants or even cooked Thai recipes themselves, and are inspired to go there and find some of the genuine versions of the food they love. Thai cuisine is interesting, flavourful and spicy, and unlike any other kind of food even in Asia owing to its particular use of spices, condiments like fish sauce, and Thai vegetables, but it does tend to appeal very much to the Western palate!

4. History and Spirituality

While eating out, shopping, sport and enjoying the beaches are all things people love to do in Thailand, another reason many people from the west are drawn here is the history and culture. With amazing sites of spiritual importance, a lot of people tend to feel very inspired and calmed when they visit Thailand, and of course, our temples and historical buildings are also very beautiful architecturally. People who are interested in history and who want to learn more about Thai culture are drawn to these places, as are those who want to ‘find themselves’ on a more spiritually oriented travelling experience. In either case, people from the West find these places beautiful and unforgettable.

Thailand has lots going for it when it comes to being a destination for people from other places, with so much both natural and architectural beauty, good hospitality, great food, and also good value. Add to that the legendarily vibrant nightlife and it’s easy to see why so many people from the west choose Thailand as their new home or travel destination.

Sascha Funk

Founder / Editor at My-Thai.org
Sascha is the publisher of my-thai.org and switched from an online marketing agency life in Europe to a teaching and education life in Thailand. He also writes about Teaching & Technology.

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  • Chung Veeravutthiphol

    Since my blog is about traveling aboard experiences, and now I tend to focusing more on my hometown. This article can answer the reason why I want to switch my content. I personally like Esan food which sometimes it might be too much spicy for western, however, I just realized that it can attach the western as well. I have an experience with western people and Thai food, I used to study in America since I was in grade 11 and I’ve cooked Thai food for my host parent. The reaction was like, they got a heated in their face, everything turns red, and they’re open their mouth as much as they can. Thus, I was so confused because when I’m eating, it just a normal tasted, just a little savory.

  • Yotsawadee S.

    Agree with you that all of your blog mentioned about good value for money. I travelled and visited many places and then compare to Thailand. Thailand has almost everything including materials and ingredients that lots of country do not have. People can easily own material or ingredients in a reasonable price when compare to other country. The scenery, many places all the scene still timeless that thai people prefers it as a traditional. The food is quite remarkable for me because I tried Thai food outside the country that cooked by Thai but taste was not the same due to they lacked of ingredients.

  • Tanapa Pongpilasarn

    I totally agree with your article especially the good value for money. As almost every Thai products or food are very cheap compared with other countries such as Europe. So a number of foreigners could be able to travel in Thailand very easily. They don’t have to pay so much when visiting here. Moreover, Thailand is a place of interesting history. Sp it’s no doubt why Western travelers love Thailand.(So do I)

  • Prakin Chatteeraphat

    Since Thailand have lower minimum wage, the standard cost of living is lower than the westerner. As I was an exchange student, I had experienced how expensive it is to live in the US compared with Thailand. With 500 baht in Thailand, I can live for a day but in the US it was just enough for only a meal to two meals. It even make me love this country more.Therefore, I totally agreed with you on that. Thai food require a lot of specific and unique ingredients which is hard to find in the western, therefore the westerners that had tried the Thai food in their country often want to come to Thailand to taste the originated taste. My host that have tried Thai food in the US also said that once in his life he wanted to come to Thailand to tried the better taste of it.

  • Ginni Kiatfuengfoo

    I do really understand of what are you saying because even me, as a Thai person, I also love my country because of this reasons! We do have low cost of living compare with the western countries and yes you can get many quality things with very good price! The Thai food are also quite difference and interesting for foreigners to try and may be because most of them have a fresh flavours of our unique ingredients that could make them feel good. Also I think the countries that strong in history and culture would have a very unique atmosphere and also Thai culture and historic places are very difference from the western countries and that could make them want to come and see some different experiences!

  • Machima Anantanasan

    I do agree that Thailand is the best destination for travellers ever. Especially, Thai food, which can attract lots of foreigners because its unique taste. Me, myself, also like traveling, everytime I travel to the other countries, I always compare its foods, cultures, value of money spent with my own country and I found one truth that is Thailand is always be my best destination. Overtime I step outside Thailand, I tell myself that I am going to see new things, it will be differ from my country, it might not as comfortable as living in Thailand, but if I just live my life in one country, I will be an idiot! So I have to open my eyes and see what people from the other corners of the world are doing, what food do they eat, what culture they live in.

  • Um Ntrch

    This is why I never consider leaving Thailand for living even if there is so much political crisis happening. Thailand really makes me feel like home. That is why I love travelling around Thailand, I can visit one of the most spectacular places and still save my budget friendly. Once in a while traveling abroad is also promising but I could not deny that I still missing home when I was there.

  • Booker Vannapruk

    I agree that travel in Thailand is really inexpensive. You can use the same amount of money to travel for a week in Tokyo,Japan or San Francisco,California. USA. to travel around Thailand for a month or more!! That is crazy isn’t it. When I was an exchange student at the States I miss Thai food so bad. Thus, no wonder that many tourist love to eat Thai food in Thailand because it is really cheap. Spiritual and heritage in Thailand is more than a thousand years so it is really cool thing to studied about when travel in Thailand.

  • Amornrat Orutsahakij

    I totally agree with this article. Thailand is not that expensive except in the famous province like Phuket that’s quite expensive but you can also don’t need to spend lots of money too. In Thailand everything is perfect but except on the political but soon one day the political crisis in Thailand will be peaceful soon.

  • Jenny Chen

    First of all, I totally agree that Thailand is an inexpensive and good value of money. Everything is Thailand is very cheap. The price of traveling in other capital cities will be doubled or even tripled. So spending money is Thailand doens’t hurt that much. Also. I will have to say that Thai food is the best! Everyone should give it a try even people who barely eat spices. Thai food has its own uniqueness you will not able to find in our type of food. Thailand has a lot of interesting cultures and histories to learn about because it is a country that has a long history. Each story is totally inspiring!

  • Beer Suwongwan

    Thailand has many interesting tourism destination. Which some of them are affordable. It can be one of the world famous place for vacation if it is well manage and organized.

  • Cindy Apichaya Pattanasirimong

    I agree with this article too. And I really in love with Thai foods because it is very delicious, for example, somtum, grilled chicken, pad thai, etc. It has a lot of Thai foods that when you try it once, you will try it again. I also love to go to the beach too. I always went to Ko Lan at Pattaya. Since Pattaya is close to Bangkok. Ko Lan has a clear water and sand. ❤️

  • Moné Pusanisa

    I couldn’t agree more! When I have any conversation with my foreign friends and have to convince them to visit Thailand. I always bring those up and tell them in detail about that of course they come here and visit me in Thailand. :D

  • Kana Matsushita

    I strongly agree with 4. HISTORY AND SPIRITUALITY. People in western countries travel to asian countries because culture and traditional thing what the people in asian countries have been keeping are new to them and kinda emotional. In addition, I wonder if it is true that people from western countries travel to Thailand because there is a lot of places for gay or that kind of people…(sorry if it is rude to commment)

  • That’s totally not rude, so don’t worry about that. I also think that lots of LGBTQ travellers simply enjoy the openness here in Thailand and that’s why it might be a bit more ‘famous’ in this regard. I met lots of different people here and they mostly say they like that they can be ‘themselves’.

  • And I thought they visit you because they liked you. :P

  • Koh Larn I can accept, but Pattaya? Ewwwwwwwwww (see here http://my-thai.org/pattaya-hell-on-earth/).

  • Kimkreme Asawa

    These are the point that we Thailand have… and it is the best that we have such a good thing like this in our country but for the thing that i am worried about is the scenery…. Thailand have amazing beach have amazing mountain but we didn’t care about it or conserve it which it can effect our future. As we know the news that talk about trash under the water and it have fish that eat that trash which could be an chemical and we eat fish so all of the bad thing come to our body and if we still do as what we have done…all of these beautiful thing would be in short term for sure and I don’t want it to be like that. So we should help our country and our world by starting from ourselves.

  • Pokpong Vetchakanjana

    I have to say that this article was so true,I’m the one who have a oversea friend and they also come to visited Thailand every year and the really love the food such as som-tum and other street food in Bangkok.Moreover,the environment and the culture of Thailand is the on signature that many traveler love our country.

  • Ellen Deveaux

    Many of my friends from the USA love the food and the scenery here! I always see them porting on social media about how lovely Thailand really is. I did not think about the fact that it is good value for money, so now I have another reason to tell some of my friends, who are foreigners to come here.

  • Natcha Lohasawad

    I totally agree with you! we, both locals and foreigners, can enjoy travelling around Bangkok and also other cities such as Pattaya and Hua hin without spending a lot of money (except Phuket, Phuket’s cost of living is quite expensive). Thailand also has many historical tourist attractions that show Thai’s outstanding cultural features.

  • Fooh Phutha

    I totally agree with all reasons! I guarantee that the western traveller won’t be disappointed because Thailand has a lot of interesting things! Especially, the food and scenery, Thai food is quite different from other western foods in terms of taste and ingredient, they will be impressive of our spicy taste! I also think that my country’s scenery is so gorgous like beaches. You must visit our beaches and you will never forget it!

  • Opal Tresukosol

    I totally agree with this article. Thailand has many beautiful places, the food also great with a cheap price and easy to find around the town, also the culture and tradition are very interesting as well. That’s why the western travelers love to travel in Thailand :).

  • Shatree Suwanvalaikorn

    I really like this article. I went to the US when I was in 10th grade and many american people I’ve known said like you stated in the article. This is a good one! Thank you for the post.

  • Beam Alisa

    I really agree with your points. All of your point can makes many foreigner to come to Thailand.As in Thailand everything is not expensive and everyone can afford a goods and moreover people can easily understand Thai culture.And all of Thailand is the best food that I ever have tried and I want another people to love them like how I love it

  • Pudd Pud

    I’m so proud to be Thai. We have a lot of things in our country, and I’m pretty sure that the foreigners has never seen an excited things like these in anywhere in the world. We have our own unique foods and various tradition own styles. People can spend time in Thailand by using low budget, but get the best experiences.