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What are the 3 best music streaming apps in Thailand?

We all know that music makes the world go ’round and with having to spend hours in traffic / commute each day music certainly is a welcome companion and way to keep ones sanity. But where do get your daily music fix? Here we’re looking at the three best music apps in Thailand.



Let’s start the with the obvious one, the global leader in music streaming. I simply put that out there as that’s it least how it feels. It’s not that much of an obvious choice though here in Thailand as Spotify Thailand was only able to launch in the middle of 2017.

Pros of Spotify: Finally you can access your spotify library that you curated before moving to Thailand or when living abroad while being here and without having to use VPNs. Moreover Spotify tries really hard to highlight local music up to a point where you, if you’re not into Thai music, might find it a bit too much. Nevertheless highlighting local talent is commendable. Another pro: Spotify is available as app and desktop client so you can basically listen to it from anywhere. Big plus.

Cons of Spotify: The advertising in the free version. Holy mother of god am I annoyed by the ads by now. I can’t stand to hear it anymore as it’s always the same freaking ads. One for a Thai artist, another one for a K-Pop band. By now I hate them both. And no, that’s not how you make me sign up for the premium version, Spotify. That’s how you  make me check out other streaming services. Another con is that sometimes the Android app simply won’t let you navigate away from the advertising. Even though there’s a button that says ‘dismiss’. You won’t be able to click anything and hence have to cold close the app and restart it again.

Apple Music

The second big player in the music streaming industry. Apple music has been around a bit longer than Spotify but hasn’t that much of a hardcore following it seems. Nevertheless it does have some advantages over Spotify which you will see in the ‘pros’ section just in a bit.

Pros Apple Music: The pro is obvious when you’re a student. It’s much cheaper. It starts at 69 THB / month for students while Spotify sticks with 139 THB for individuals. So if you got a student ID, check it out. You can listen to it on the desktop and the app. Yeah.

Cons Apple Music: If you got an Android device you gotta use the Apple Music app and, even though we’re in 2017, the Apple app on Android sucks isn’t necessarily as intuitive as the iOS app. Moreover the Spotify library is said to be bigger but, tbh, I couldn’t be bothered to verify that yet as the app prevents me from having fun with Apple music.


Joox might be the music streaming service that, if you’re not from Thailand or been living here for a while, you don’t really know yet. Joox has been around for a while and provided online music streaming for Thailand way before Spotify entered the market. It focuses mainly on Southeast Asia and is that big here that it even has its on Music Awards Show.

Pros Joox: The content library is pretty much focused on the local charts which gives you a lot of local (Thai) songs at your disposal as well as common English speaking songs that are trending. Another pro is that you can get premium features for sharing songs that you listen to on your social media profiles which is a nice incentive I believe.

Cons Joox: The library. It might take a while until latest / trending songs will hit the Joox library. So if you’re into the latest viral hits you might want to consider the globally leading apps. If you’re into Thai music and happy with rather ‘main stream’ international music, Joox might be worth giving a try.

What’s your go-to music app, and why?

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