The 3 best Muay Thai Gear shops in Bangkok

While hitting one of the best Muay Thai Gyms here in Bangkok you obviously also want decent muay thai gear to grace your beat up body. While most gyms offer some quite ok equipment to purchase that’s mostly a tad bit more expensive and the variety isn’t that huge. So if you want a bigger choice it makes sense to hit the Muay Thai gear shops by yourself. Here are three of the best shops you can find in Bangkok.

Fairtex Shop

fairtex shop bangkok

When talking high class Muay Thai gear one automatically thinks Fairtex. They did a good job in branding their products as well as signing impressive talent (e.g. Yodsanklai) in order to become a household name. That name however also comes with a certain price tag. But that’s obvious.

There are several fairtex shops located across the city (as you can check out on the fairtex website). The one that is located closest to public transport is the one in the “I’m Park Mall” next to Chulalongkorn University.

If you want to check out the wide range of Fairtex products they offer you simply take a BTS to National Stadium, get off the MBK exit and then make your way down to Chulalongkorn University by heading through the National Stadium compound.

fairtex bangkok im park mall chula

Once you made it to the open air “I’m Park Mall” you want to head up to the 4th floor where the Fairtex shop sits quite prominently right next to the staircase.

ActionZone Martial Arts

When searching online forums for the best Muay Thai gear shops one quickly comes across ActionZone Martial Arts. For a very good reason. This shop has everything one could need and if they don’t have it on stock, they will certainly be able to get it for you. The shop itself looks pretty shitty (sorry) but seriously stocks everything a fighter’s heart could wish for. It’s located right in the heart of shady sports shops and is the sole standout among many imposters.

The best way to get there is by BTS to National Stadium and then by foot. It’s a 10 minute walk once you took the exit to the national stadium. You just walk straight and pass National Stadium as well as the P.E. Ministry. Once you see a Tesco on the right hand side you keep walking straight, cross the next intersection and it won’t be long until you see your destination.

action zone martial arts

It’s a bit of a blurry pic but I was so excited to finally have found it ;-) The green sign will let you know that you arrived.

action zone martial arts

While the staff in other shops is mostly busy being bored ActionZone always seems to be packed with Thai and foreign Martial Artists alike. So be sure to bring some time and don’t expect a super special high society treatment. You’re expected to know what you’re looking for or at least expected to ask for what you want. It’s certainly not a fancy shop but the prices are competitive – especially compared to Fairtex and other high-end shops.

action zone martial arts

Boon Sport

When I hit my gym at first I didn’t have own boxing gloves. I used the ones provided by the gym. Which was fine for a while but after some time you want to have your own of course. I tested a few of the gloves and brands at my gym and while I liked the Fairtex and TopKing ones quite ok I wasn’t a fan of the Twins. For whatever reason that might have been. They didn’t feel that great. The ones that felt great right from the get-go though: Boonsport gloves. I haven’t had heard of that brand before but I felt very comfortable wearing them and tried to always get my hands on this one boonsport pair of gloves at the gym. So when the time arrived to get my own gloves I tried to find out how to get some of my own.

Their website is quite easy to find (google!) but in order to actually get to their shop you have to do some walking. Again. But you’re a fighter, so you don’t mind.

BoonSport is located in the On Nut area so you would want to take the BTS to On Nut station and then walk all the way down in Soi 81. Once you’re all the way down you will continue to the left and then come across a Boon banner.

boonsport thailand

The shop, just like ActionZone above, is quite small. A bit more organized though since it only stocks Boonsport gear. They got everything though. From shorts, shirts and gloves over to all kinds of protection and namman muay. They even do custom printing on shorts.

The prices are way cheaper than Fairtex for example and the quality, so far, seems to be quite good. I’m happy I found this shop and will, as long as the quality proves to be as good as it seems, probably be back here sooner than later.

boon sport thailand

What’s your favorite Muay Thai gear shop? Shout out in the comments!

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