Teachers Day 2011 + Mister & Miss Vocational 2011

On June 16, 2011 two important activities took place at Udon Thani Vocational College. But see for yourself what was happening in our short trailer… Before the action could take place the day started with an old tradition. The so called “Wai Kru” (teacher’s day). Students took part in a 90 minutes lasting activity and honored their teachers. After the ceremony was finished everybody had a little time to relax and to prepare for the upcoming events during the Mister and Miss Vocational 2011 contest. And the contest started with an incredible impressive performance by our very own and amazing cheerleaders. Then the contestants had time to introduce themselves and to receive the first roses from their fans. The girls (and boys) went crazy and tried to everything to push their favorite to the top spot. Afterwards the next show act waited to impress the audience a second time. UVC’s B-Boys entered the stage and rocked the house with their awesome performance. And since not only the girls wanted to have something to watch, there was also an awesome dance performance by our female Cover Dance group! But see yourself….fan mail please to…we will forward it to the girls [...]